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Thought Vibration

Thought Vibration - Yogi Ramacharaka Originally published in 1908 and rejuvenated 100 years later, “Thought Vibration” is a relatively short book at less than 100 pages; however it is certainly is a concise and informative book that is well worth the read.

Many of the current “new thought” ideals and the concepts/laws behind the “power of attraction” were shared by William Walker Atkinson and they are just as powerful now as they likely were back in the days in which they were written. The author shares concepts like: fears are realized because in essence they are expectations and we draw to us what we expect; the key to attainment is desire, confidence, and will, followed by action; that we are all unique individuals and, as such, must follow our own path and not give our power to others; and finally, and perhaps most importantly, thoughts are a real force and the key to the law of attraction.

I enjoyed reading this book and I learned and reinforced many ideas that I believe to be universal truths. Those who are interested in the power of thought or in the law of attraction would likely find this book useful and would benefit from having act copy of it in their library.