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The Science of Being Great

The Science of Being Great - Wallace D. Wattles Although the words in “The Science Of Being Great” were penned over 100 years ago there are many truths that still apply to this day. Wallace D. Wattles shares his views about the importance of following your own truth and he emphasizes that our thoughts play a significant role in determining our level of greatness.

By thinking for ourselves and by visualizing what we wish to see in reality we become the master of our thoughts, which in turn become our reality. Wattles asserts that greatness is not only for a select, privileged few, but that every person has within themselves the power and faculties to become great in their own right. Indeed, Wattles believes that “Greatness is equally inherent in all, and may be manifested by all.”

** The one shortcoming with this book, if one can call it a shortcoming, is that the title uses the word, “Science” and while this term may have been appropriate at the time this book was written, there is no scientific exploration in this book. Personally, I am very grateful for the information that the author shared and I was not disappointed that this book was not based in science; however, for those who prefer a more scientifically oriented literature, I do not believe that this book would meet your requirements.**