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Grist for the Mill

Grist for the Mill - Ram Dass, Richard Alpert Truly one of the great spiritual voices of the past 50 years, Ram Dass, shares some of his life experiences, anecdotes and beliefs in this enlightening and powerful book. Very little is mentioned from his years as a Harvard professor or his earlier life as Dr. Richard Alpert, the primary focus of the book is the transmission of his experiences to assist the reader in their journey towards awareness/enlightenment. The information that is shared with the reader is merely meant to be a tool, the road on which we travel, as we develop our own inner awareness. Ram Dass has a very compassionate and empowering style that seems largely devoid of ego: he truly seems to have selfless intention in sharing this information.

If you are sincerely interested in becoming more enlightened/aware this book would very likely contain information that will benefit you on your journey. Certainly there are the enlightened few, those that have mastered this journey, and I imagine that those individuals would already be familiar with some, much, or even all of the information contained in this book; however, I also believe that if you are here reading this review then chances are you have yet to reach perfect “being –ness” and thus could benefit from these words. Although this book has not been in print for many years, used copies can be found quite readily.