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Life After Death

Life After Death - Tom Harpur Old books aren't necessarily out of date

While this book was printed in the mid 90’s, I believe that most of the information it contains is still relevant today – especially if we look at the fact that people are still following the ideas that were written/shared in their religions hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

This Canadian author, priest, Rhodes scholar and columnist does a good job of presenting a remarkably unbiased viewpoint about the universal topic of life after death. Tom Harpur provides summaries of how most of the world’s major religions feel about life after death, he provides accounts of those who have had near death experiences and he discusses various scientifically based arguments for and against. Overall, the author does a fine job of shedding light on a topic that has interested man from the beginning of time.

As a side note, I would think that folks who have devout religious faith in a specific religion might not enjoy this book as much as somebody who does not have a fundamentalist point of view.