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The Practice of Happiness

The Practice of Happiness - John Kehoe A small book with some wonderful insights into happiness

I have read, and enjoyed, several of John Kehoe's book and this one is no exception. In some of his other books like, "Mind Power into the 20th Century" and his most recent work, "Quantum Warrior" John uses a style that is quite interactive and full of great lessons that need to be put into use. In order to gain the benefits of the material in those two books, the reader needs to be quite pro-active and do the work physically.

This book, "The Practice of Happiness", is not only smaller and shorter in length, the style is also different in that it is more of a discourse - not a scientific discourse; rather, it is written from the point of view of somebody who has learned from the school of life.

John Kehoe a uses aspects of his personal life mixed in with quotes and aphorisms from many sources to share a wisdom about happiness that many know, yet so few truly practice. There are many wonderful quotes in the book, but I would like to share something from Mr. Kehoe himself, "Inner harmony and happiness are not just for ourselves: they are gifts that we give to the world. And here a great truth is revealed."

If you could use more happiness in your life, this book would be a great place to start.