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100 More Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive

100 More Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive - Frederic Brussat, Mary Ann Brussat With this book being a second edition (the first one being "100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive), the review is the same for both, because I enjoyed both equally.

A neat little book that starts with a very brief suggestion, followed by a quote and then an activity to help the reader apply the ideals of the message in their life. For example, the first message is, “Live in the moment.” followed by a quote about living in the moment and then the suggestion that the reader do one activity today without thought of the past experience or future consequence. Some readers may find the ideas overly simplistic, but I think the idea is to provide an easy to understand message with a simple action plan.

As with so many of the important things in life, they are simple in concept, yet, for many of us, they are harder to apply consistently. This is a small book that can easily be carried in a coat pocket, in a purse, or left in the car to provide a moment of introspection whenever needed.