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Let It Be Easy: Simple Actions to Create an Extraordinary Life

Let It Be Easy: Simple Actions to Create an Extraordinary Life - Tolly Burkan It seems that one of the problems when doing book reviews is that there is a tendency to compare the current book to books previously written by the same author, thereby creating a bias. This is to say that a book may not be judged not on its own merit but perhaps it is rated in comparison to previous works so, in order to present a fair review, I have decided to provide two reviews for this book, “Let It Be Easy: simple actions to create an extraordinary life.”

In and of itself, this book provides ideas/thoughts that are both easy to understand and theoretically easy to apply. The reason I say “theoretically” is that, as with so many of the important lessons in life, talking about them is very simple, yet applying them on a consistent basis tends to be more challenging. Ideas like: speak the truth, keep your promises, take responsibility, and ask for what you want all seem very simple and they should be easy to incorporate into everyone’s life; however, I rather doubt this is the case for most of us. When you combine those for actions with this seven additional “ingredients” as Tolly calls them, we are given his process for creating an extraordinary life. I agree with the author’s ingredients/views and I hope to one day apply this wisdom to every situation you encounter; when that day will arrive, remains to be seen.

As for the second part of this review, if I were to compare the ideas found in this book to Tolly’s earlier book, “Guiding Yourself into a Spiritual Reality”, which I have reviewed elsewhere on this website, I would say that I resonate more with the information presented in the latter. Actually, perhaps it is an unfair comparison because I would say that “Guiding Yourself into a Spiritual Reality” is one of my all-time favorite books in this genre. Bottom line, I find that “Let it be Easy” is a book that I can relate to on more of a cerebral level; whereas, “Guiding Yourself into a Spiritual Reality” provides information that explores a more complex/deeper level.