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A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness: A Cosmic Book on the Mechanics of Creation

A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness: A Cosmic Book on the Mechanics of Creation - Itzhak Bentov I must say from the beginning that this is another one of those instances where I thoroughly enjoyed an earlier book written by an author and then was underwhelmed with a subsequent book.

The first book written by I. Bentov, “Stalking the Wild Pendulum” was entertaining, informative and written in such a way that a person who did not have in depth knowledge could still follow along. I enjoyed reading that book and I will read it again, likely more than once. In contrast to that, I found this book, “A Brief Tour Of Higher Consciousness” to be one that I will likely not pick up for the second time. The content in this book is certainly more esoteric than in his original book and I can understand that such material is more difficult to discuss; however, even with that caveat I still did not find this book very enjoyable or relevant to my journey.

For example, a significant amount of the book is dedicated to describing the “model of the universe” and while it may be an accurate representation of the spiritual nature of the cosmos, discussing, at length, the hierarchy of the beings that create the universe is irrelevant to me. Whether there are seven levels of creation or 70 levels of creation, or if the universe is in the shape of a watermelon or a grapefruit, is not something that I concern myself with.

On a positive note, the information about holograms presented in the appendix was informative, I enjoyed reading Foreword wherein some background information into the books creation was discussed, and I did glean a few nuggets in the text itself. In addition, I do admire the fact that someone with a more scientific background took a chance by writing a book that revealed their personal beliefs about the nature of the universe and cosmology.

In conclusion then, this a book that is not on the list of my favorites and I predominantly added a “Book Review” because there will undoubtedly be some readers who can relate to Itzhak’s experiences and who would benefit from reading about them.