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Weight Loss for the Mind

Weight Loss for the Mind - Stuart Wilde I guess it should come as no surprise that I have a real affinity for small books (considering the size of my first three books) and Stuart Wilde’s book, “Weight Loss for the Mind”, is no exception. This book conveniently, and easily, fits into a purse or decent sized pocket and, indeed, it is precisely because of this fact that I was able to carry it around and read it whenever I had some time to spare.

The book itself consists of nine chapters, with the key point displayed as a “Realization” at the end of each chapter.

Stuart starts out by saying that our perceptions are based on our beliefs and that we get upset when we are emotionally attached to an outcome that doesn't manifest in reality. Additional insights include the pointlessness of guilt, overcoming fear, healing confusion and how, in many cases, the ego plays a big role in many of the obstacles in life.

Stuart cuts straight to the point with his ideas, but he also had a wonderful wit that comes through in this book (after visiting his website I came to realize he was quite the comedian). Although Mr. Wilde has now gone onto the Great Unknown, I am grateful that he shared his thoughts and I look forward to reading & reviewing more of his books in the next few months.