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The Secret of the Ages

The Secret of the Ages - Robert Collier As you read more of my book reviews that pertain to the early works in the New Age/New Thought/Law of Attraction genre, you will likely notice a similar theme running through them: I enjoy hearing about, and I resonate with, the message of self-empowerment that these authors all share.

In a world where we place more trust in the material: the world that we perceive through our five senses, authors in the New Age Genre, in this case Robert Collier, share a view that supports a belief in the power of the unseen forces – the power of the mind. These authors shared their views long before Quantum physics was commonplace and they went against the materialists of the day to say that everything starts in the immaterial first, and THEN it expands outwards. As Robert Collier states, “Everything must start with an idea. Every event, every condition, everything is first an idea in the mind of someone…For matter is in the ultimate but a product of thought.” And, although many people might still not be aware of this fact, some of the most advanced scientific research into the realm of the quantum world is indeed proving such bold statements to be accurate.

By extension then, “The creative principle of the universe is mind, and thought is the eternal energy.” In other words, our thoughts create our reality: literally! As this important truth becomes more readily accepted by us, we are compelled to take great care in what thoughts we allow to percolate through our mind. We also come to realize that if our subconscious mind is in control of our actions for 95% of the time it is extremely important that we don’t ignore this significant component of ourselves. As we learn to work with this invisible force residing within us, we have a means by which to communicate with the universal, creative force. Our subconscious mind is the direct link to the Universal Mind.

Once we connect with this force we can start to impress upon it with visualization/imaging and then we need to hold steadfast to the belief that what we desire is on its way. If we desire prosperity and success we must think prosperity and success. “The secret of prosperity lies in so vividly imaging it in your own mind that you literally exude prosperity. You feel prosperous, you look prosperous, and the result is that before long you ARE prosperous.”

When we feel that our life isn’t going our way or that we have been unsuccessful in our endeavors, then we need to look at our fears and realize that when we live in fear we are bringing about the exact circumstances that we are hoping to avoid. We don’t get what we want, we get what we think about; therefore, if you want your future to be different than your past you need to change from thinking about what you don’t want to what you do want. “What you are going to be six months or a year from now depends upon what you think today.”

All of these ideas and many more are laid out in The Secret of the Ages and Robert Collier shares them in a manner that is logical and easy to follow. His tone is supportive and not overly verbose which, in my opinion, facilitates understanding and retention. That being said, this is another one of the books that will assist me with a lifetime of learning and I am glad I own a copy that I can frequently refer to as I “occasionally” falter on the journey of personal transformation.