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Positive Thoughts, Positive action

Positive Thoughts, Positive action - Barry Fox A superb book!! There are some books that you read and understand on a mental level, and then there are a select few books that really resonate with you on a deeper level, they touch something deep inside of you; for me, this is one of those books.

Positive Thoughts Positive Action really brings home the point that regardless of who we are, where we come from, or how positive we want to be, “undesirable” and unexpected events will rock all of our worlds at some time or another. This book shares some very tragic events that shook people to their core, yet they still seemed to “get through it.” In many cases the people mentioned had every reason to give up and feel sorry for themselves, and they chose another way: to keep going regardless of their exterior circumstances. People in concentration camps doing kind things for one another, young people who had devastating accidents, people living in the worst economic conditions and children that were abused all succeeded in spite of their circumstances because they wouldn’t allow those external events to pollute their internal world. One of the authors, Arnold Fox, was born into abject poverty and he escaped that to become a doctor, author and an inspiration to many. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Clark Gable and an endless list of successful people listed on these pages all had their share of obstacles.

As the title states though, in addition to positive thoughts positive action is also an integral to personal well-being. By thinking positively we have fewer health challenges, thereby giving us more energy for creative processes. Rather than being stuck in fear, we see opportunities and we are able to pursue them. Thinking positively allows us to take control of our lives and this in turn promotes greater health and happiness. As we take care of ourselves, we are not a burden to others and indeed, we can even become an inspiration to others.

I do find the stories and ideas in this book to be very inspiring and I am grateful that I was able to acquire it before it became scarce (for some reason, a day or two after I purchased it on Amazon.ca, there are no longer any copies available, other than from a secondary source, at a cost of $57). If you can get this book, at a price you can afford, I would recommend getting a copy for yourself and/or a loved one.

PS: If anybody reading this review knows of a website for Arnold or Barry Fox, or has contact information for them, can you please email me, I would like to get into contact with them.