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Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts Are Things - Prentice Mulford Overall this book contains some empowering ideas that will undoubtedly improve the quality of my life and I am glad that I purchased a copy that I can frequently refer to. I find it wonderful that at a time in history when most people in the Western world were thinking about the physical nature of reality, there were a few individuals, like Prentice Mulford, that endeavored to “wake” people up to the power of thought.

Ideas such as, “Your real self moves with inconceivable rapidity as your thought moves” or that, “To say ‘Impossible!’ is to set up your relatively weak limit of comprehension as the standard of the universe. It is audacious as to attempt the measurement of endless space with a yardstick” were likely not normal topics at the dinner table or even in most literary circles and hence, Prenitice is regarded as one of the pioneers in the “New Thought” movement.

Many of today’s authors who discuss the power of thought and manifestation would likely credit the ideas and words of Prentice Mulford as being essential in this area of experience.
On the “negative side”, if I can call it that, with this book being written over 120 years ago, I sometimes found the “older” literary style to be a little foreign to me and on more than one occasion I had to re-read a section to get the gist of what was being said.

Another aspect of the book that I didn’t resonate with were the sections titled, “Immortality of the Flesh” and “The attraction of Asperation.” I understand that this is only a personal preference and I am sure there will be people who enjoy this part of the book as well.

As a final point of clarification for those contemplating whether or not they want to read this book, I will have to admit to one of my sins: I use a highlighter while I read!!! I know this is a blasphemy to many, but I find it really beneficial and I promise I would never do it in your book =;0) In any case, I have fewer highlights in this book than in other books related to this topic; however, the quality of the highlighted material is second to none.