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I Can See Clearly Now

I Can See Clearly Now - Wayne W. Dyer
I want to state right at the outset, and although this is obvious to many, it seems that some people know that this is an autobiography, yet do not UNDERSTAND that this is an autobiography. What I am saying is that previous books written by Wayne Dyer focus on an idea, issue, etc. in which some personal experiences are shared. This book is about Wayne’s journey through life and that necessitates a frequent use of "I." Personally, I did not find this book self-aggrandizing, and people who read biographies can likely relate to the style in which, I can See Clearly Now, is written; however, people that expect this book to be written in Wayne’s traditional style need to be conscientious of this "different" perspective.

Now that the caveat is out of the way, for those familiar with Wayne’s work, you will find numerous stories and anecdotes that he has shared during his 40+ years or writing and sharing...it’s hard to believe that Your Erroneous Zones came out in the mid-70’s!!! Many of the stories and personal experiences that have been shared during Wayne’s journey are finally compiled in one place, in a chronological order, that is easy to follow.

Wayne starts out with the early days in Detroit where he lived in an orphanage, his days in school and then he progresses through his post-secondary years, his time in the navy, and then through the creation of his 41 books. Along the way Wayne shares the encounters he has had with some of the significant “change agents” in his life, people like: Mother Teresa, Ken Keys Jr., Viktor Frankl, Guruji, Edwarda, Abraham Maslow and so many others. The names however, are not as important as the messages that came with them. It seems that every time a new person intersected Wayne’s path there was a new unfoldment, a new way of seeing the world. Some of the encounters were pleasant, some not so much, yet all the encounters contained new seeds of experience that helped Wayne expand his consciousness.

As his consciousness grew so too did his writing evolve from the physical/cerebral world into the world of the subconscious/spiritual . Going from Your Erroneous Zones to his later books, such as The Power of Intention or Wishes Fulfilled, there is a definite shift. I would concur with Wayne’s own conclusion that there is a Divine hand in this process and that all of the events in his journey have “conspired” to carry him along the path that he needed to travel to fulfill his dharma. Although hindsight is the rest stop we don’t get to enjoy until after the bumpy roads are behind us, the fact that we can “see clearly”, even after-the-fact, is a blessing that we can share with others as they travel on their own bumpy roads. The fact that Wayne is sharing his road map is the most significant aspect of I can See Clearly Now: the reader gets to share in experiences that can connect us on a universal/soul level. In other words, Wayne candidly shares his experiences AND these then form the foundation of an idea/concept/lesson that others can benefit from.

I am grateful that Wayne wrote and shared I Can See Clearly Now from the perspective of a curious onlooker - I enjoyed reading about Wayne’s personal journey thus far - and I also enjoyed this book from the perspective of a student of life – learning as I go.

To emphasize some of my previous ramblings, I Can See Clearly Now is definitely written from different perspective than Dr. Wayne Dyer’s other books: this is an autobiography. If you have read and enjoyed Wayne Dyer’s other books AND you are curious to learn more about his personal experiences then you will likely enjoy I Can See Clearly Now. On the other hand, if you are looking for a book that is exclusively a “how-to” book, or simply another book from Wayne Dyer that is written in the same style as his earlier books, then I Can See Clearly Now might not be the book you are looking for.

As a side note, ironically and synchronistically perhaps, before the release of “I Can See Clearly Now” was announced, I was reading another book by Dr. Dyer and thought that it would be wonderful to have more insight, in a chronological order, into Wayne’s life. Well, it is said “Ask and ye shall receive” and perhaps one could even take that a step further and say “Think and ye shall receive” because in this case my thoughts were answered and I now have the book I had hoped for.