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Working With the Law: 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living

Working With the Law: 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living - Raymond Holliwell I truly enjoyed the easy to read style in which Working with the Law was written and I appreciate the more modern terminology used in this book - compared to some similar books written by other “New Thought” authors (although I can’t find an original publication date, or much in the way of a biography for Raymond Holliwell, it is my understanding that the original publication date for Working with the Law was in the 1960’s).

The basic premise of Working with the Law is that the universe functions with physical laws AND it also functions with laws in the unseen/spiritual realm. We are quickly reminded about some of the physical laws when we stick a fork in the light socket or when the crystal vase slips from of our hands; however, many of us are unaware of the spiritual laws, or we are skeptical of them.
Dr. Holliwell does his utmost to convince the reader that indeed the spiritual laws do exist and they include:

-Law of Thinking
-Law of Supply
-Law of Attraction
-Law of Receiving
-Law of Increase
-Law of Compensation
-Law of Non-Resistance
-Law of Forgiveness
-Law of Sacrifice
-Law of Obedience
-Law of Success

I have neither the space or inclination to discuss each one of these laws, suffice it to say that by making use of these laws you will be able to “…be on the outside what you idealize on the inside.” As one reads the laws the reader comes to understand the underlying theme that success in life is from the inner and THEN it is evidenced in the outer. By improving the quality of our thoughts, by mastering our mind, we work in harmony with the natural order of the universe and, in so doing, we improve the quality of our life.

Working in harmony with things of course requires an understanding of them, not just a superficial knowledge. The author himself states, “Success, then, summarized, is the way we learn to use two valuable things—our time and thought. Knowledge alone is not success; it is the way we use that knowledge.” As the reader becomes familiar with the Laws and as the knowledge is absorbed AND applied it is my belief that the knowledge will be transformed into understanding.

From the very outset Raymond Holliwell states that, “You cannot get the most out of these lessons by reading them once or twice. They should be read often and studied with scrutiny. You will find with each reading something clearer than before.” I would whole-heartedly agree with those words and I will certainly re-read this book more than once.