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Thirty-Day Mental Diet: The Way to a Better Life

Thirty-Day Mental Diet: The Way to a Better Life - Willis Kinnear The idea behind the 30-Day Mental Diet is that, “Controlled diet, either of food or thought, cannot but help result in control of what we experience.” In essence then, just as important as the physical foods we feed to our body, so too are the thoughts we permit to feed our mind.

Unlike many of the books in the New Age/Power of Thought genre, this particular book is deliberately designed to provide the reader with daily mental nourishment over the span of 30 days, rather than to be read from cover to cover. As the author states, “The value to be gained from any 30-day program cannot be achieved by doing everything in one day. The ideas you will find here might be compared to a bottle of vitamins; if you are supposed to take one a day, which is all you can absorb, then it would be useless to help them all at one time.”

In order to facilitate the reading of this book on daily basis, Willis Kinnear has conveniently provided a place to record the time and date for the reader to keep track of this information because, as with any physical diet, is important to consistently apply the information faithfully.

In the theme of consistency, the book is organized in such a way that the information for each of the 30 days is presented in precisely the same manner. The first component/section, which is generally two pages in length, discusses the main topic of the day and include: “How to Remove Limitations”, “Discover a New Joy of Living”, “Ways to Increase Your Vitality”, “Learn to Avoid Stress and Anxiety”, “Using the Power of Love”, and 25 additional discussions on ways to improve your life.

Following this initial section there is a section titled, “Mental Stimulants”, which uses three quotes-one from science, one from religion, and one from philosophy-to provide additional views on the topic being discussed.

After the “Mental Stimulants” section the reader will find the component titled, “The Diet.” In this component, in which the author writes in the first person, the reader is essentially provided a paragraph of affirmations that serve to reinforce the primary diet/concept of the day.

A subsequent section, known as the “Capsule Supplement”, is an “add-on” to the previous section and it provides a very synthesized, one sentence, affirmation that can be more easily remembered throughout the day.

The final section prompts the reader to apply the concept of the day to their specific life and a small amount of space is provided to permit the reader to record how the information will applied to specific situation in their life.

The author also understands that people read and interpret information differently and therefore suggests that readers use the terminology/linguistics that they personally prefer; provided that the central idea remains consistent.

Regardless of what diet a person chooses, and whether the diet is mental or physical, it will only work if the dieter chooses not to binge during the rest of the day. This is to say that it makes little sense for the dieter to engage in the healthy, desired behavior for a few moments and then proceed to negate that beneficial behavior with contradictory actions. It makes little sense to eat carrots for breakfast and then eat cake or junk food for the remainder of the day, just as it makes little sense to read inspirational/educational/transformational material for six minutes in the morning (which is roughly the time required to read the daily diet) and then fill the rest of your day with contradictory thoughts of jealousy, anger, gluttony etc.

Certainly, the idea behind any diet is not to expect the old ways to be immediately eliminated; however, the desire must be there to deliberately transform one’s self in to a higher ideal and I believe that anyone wishing to reshape their mental world, the world of the mind, they will find a storehouse of food-for-thought in this book.