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Angels in Action: Stories to Inspire

Angels in Action: Stories to Inspire - Diane  Williams Before I share my thoughts on Angels in Action, I would like to mention that I do not follow any particular religion and I have no formal knowledge of scripture or the Bible; therefore, I do not wish to convey that I have any expertise in interpreting the Biblical quotes provided by the author. That being said, the Biblical quotes and how the author applies them does seem valid and appropriate to me.

As you can perhaps gather from the previous paragraph, this book does frequently reference God/Divine; however, the book does not present the information in a manner that is preachy or dogmatic. Rather, Diane Williams centers her book on personal experiences - the obstacles she faced - and how she was able to overcome them with the belief in, and assistance of, a higher power. Being overwhelmed mentally, emotionally, or in a physical bind that she could not herself overcome, the Divine appears to lend a helping hand when Diane needed it most.

Diane writes in a style that is very upbeat and is easy to read, much like the stories that appear in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, with a great deal of candor and a dash or humour. Diane’s journey through her struggles will likely resonate with many readers who themselves have been faced with their own hardships on this human journey.

Reading Angels in Action reminds us that we all face challenges in life and, although they might seem insurmountable to the logical mind, if we are open to assistance from the unseen we can indeed receive the help that we need. When we ourselves cannot see a resolve to our challenges we must rely on faith and, as Diane loves to say, “Pray and get out of the way.”