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The Law of Mentalism & Life in the Great Beyond

The Law of Mentalism & Life in the Great Beyond - A. Victor Segno, Lux Newman With so many other superb books, written by numerous legendary authors, I would suggest that this book, 'The Law of Mentalism & Life in the Great Beyond', should be placed low on the priority list of ‘books to read’ in this genre.

Segno repeats the belief that our thoughts create our reality and several other common ideas that people reading this genre will be familiar with and, for this reason alone, I give him full marks; however, and I am only paraphrasing here, he goes on to say that people will not need to read any other books on this topic because his words are the only truth that people will need to hear. In addition, Segno makes several other assertions that I find difficult to accept and, while they may indeed be true, they do not ring true for me.

Due to the fact that there are still some nuggets of wisdom in Segno's words I will say that it is not a waste of time to read this book, it's just that I can get the same information elsewhere, in more agreeable terms.

Most of the books in this genre I will happily keep and re-read: this is not one of them.