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Unlikely Friendships : 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom

Unlikely Friendships : 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom - Jennifer S. Holland Looking at the majority of reviews that I have written you will quickly notice that, “One of these books is not like the others” and rather than make you guess which one it is, I will share the secret: it’s this book =:0)

Unlikely Friendships shares 47 amazing accounts of animals of different species who have formed bonds with one another. Granted, some of the animals pairing might not seem outlandish, like a rabbit and a guinea pig; however, a pit bull, cat and baby chicks or a leopard and a cow make for very uncommon friends. Some of the animals are cute and cuddly, some of them are large predators, some are basic domestic pets and others are traditionally found in the wild, yet all of these creatures have formed inspiring bonds with fellow members of the animal kingdom.

Regardless of how one defines a “friend” these creatures are proof that the desire to have a companion, the ability to show compassion and the ability to go beyond appearances, or any physical boundary for that matter, transcends logic. As is often the case, humans can learn a great deal from these compassionate companions – if we look with our hearts.

If the stories in this book don’t put a big grin on your face or give you a big bucket of “awww’s” then the lovely photos that go along with the stories will likely give even the most ‘hard-hearted’ a reason to smile.