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Life Is Tremendous

Life Is Tremendous - Charlie "Tremendous" Jones “Life is Tremendous” is one of those books that has had a great deal of acclaim - on the cover of my version, from 1968, it says that over 600,000 copies had been sold (and another million people have purchased it since then) - and after having read this book, I don’t consider myself a raving fan. This is not to say that I found nothing of value in the book, it’s just that I wasn’t “wow-ed” by it and it didn’t say anything “tremendous” to me.

On the 107 pages within, the author, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, uses the majority of pages to outline his “Seven Laws of Leadership”:
1) Get Excited about Your Work
2) Use or Lose
3) Production to Perfection
4) Give to Get
5) Exposure to Experience
6) Flexible Planning
7) Motivated to Motivating

An additional 20 pages are dedicated to the three decisions in life:
1) Whom are you going to live your life with?
2) What are you going to live your life in?
3) What are you going to live your life for?

The final 20 pages are used to discuss how “Leaders Are Readers.”

Sprinkled throughout the discussions are various quotes, personal accounts, and anecdotes - some unique, others just modifications to more familiar stories that have been shared by motivational speakers over the years. The sense of humor that Charlie Jones brings to this book, as well as his enthusiasm, definitely makes for a pleasant read, it’s just that I did not find the information itself to be very ‘impactful.’

If you’re one of those people who enjoys lukewarm milk and who prefers quick, easy to read, motivational books that predominantly discuss everyday wisdom, then indeed this book may be just what you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are looking for something to read that is a little more unique or in-depth, or if you are already familiar with other books in this genre (motivational, personal development, human potential, self-help etc.) then I doubt that you will have a great number of “A-ha” moments when reading “Life is Tremendous.”