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Key to Yourself: Opening the Door to a Joyful Life from Within

Key to Yourself: Opening the Door to a Joyful Life from Within - Venice J. Bloodworth I had never heard of Dr. Bloodworth until having stumbled upon, or perhaps I was led to?, “Key to Yourself” and after recently having read several less than stellar books in this genre, I was very pleasantly surprised with “Key to Yourself.” Although her name may not be as recognized as Ernest Holmes, Joseph Murphy , or Neville Goddard, Dr. Venice J. Bloodworth has produced a very readable and empowering book.

From what I can ascertain, “Key to Yourself” was originally published in 1952, toward the end of Venice Bloodworth’s life (she died in 1956), yet it does not contain a great deal of antiquated language or examples; furthermore, the message that she shares is as pertinent today as it was 60+ years ago-it is timeless. In essence, the author advocates that our true power, the power to create and attract into our lives that which we desire, is in the mind – in our thoughts. In Venice’s own words, the process takes place in “The workshop of the mind.”

If humans do create their existence in this “workshop of the mind” then, “The greatest power man has on earth is the power to think” and unfortunately it can also be stated that, “All people think, the tragedy of life is that so few of us think creatively or constructively; so few recognize the fact that thought is a creative force”, and this latter belief is precisely what this book is intended to overcome.

By understanding that, regardless of what we wish to create, the process first commences with a thought, then it develops in our imagination and, as we visualize and focus on an outcome, the results are THEN manifested in the physical world. It is not an ego based system where we alone create everything, rather it is a system where we plant a seed in the conscious mind and as it is nurtured in the subconscious mind it connects with the true source of power, the Universal Mind. “Thought is the connecting link between us and the Universal Mind, and considering this marvelous fact, we arrive at the conclusion that we ourselves are channels through which the Universal Mind pours itself into expression, and that thoughts are causes and conditions are effects.”

Of course, in order to reinforce the connection with the Universal Mind (or whatever you wish to label it as) Venice goes on to advocate the power and necessity of focusing on what we want rather than what currently “is” and she reminds us that, “The visible material things have no originating power within them. Everything we see is a result of an idea; and we must realize this truth before we can rise above and free ourselves from any condition.”

To that end, it is also important that we do not let the naysayers and cynics of the world deter us from what we wish to accomplish, for indeed, “The explorers, prophets and empire builders have all been men who dared to come out of the ruts, think new thoughts, and find new trails. Shake off the old worn-out prejudice, ignorance and superstitions.”

Thinking in this manner, Dr. Bloodworth herself was able to discard her eye glasses as she changed her beliefs about her failing eyesight and she used this “Spiritual Psychology” in her humanitarian work to empower people from all walks of life - from prison inmates to school children. By showing people that we can think ourselves into being happier, more prosperous and healthier, Venice Bloodworth has given people one more key to unlocking the power within.