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How Life Works

How Life Works - Andrew Matthews Due to the fact that I enjoy Andrew Matthew’s books so much, and also due to the fact that Andrew’s latest book, “How Life Works” does not come in a hard copy in the North American market, I decided to break with my long-standing resolve of not reading/reviewing E-books. Hey, what good are rules if they aren’t broken… once-in-awhile?

And, as often happens when we start to break the rules, it is easier to break subsequent ones; therefore, I am deliberately starting this sentence with ‘and’ when I unabashedly confess that many of Andrew’s cartoons make me laugh my arse off. If I am having a rough day and just need to be uplifted with a good chuckle, I can flip through Andrew’s books and I am bound to have a good belly laugh.

In addition to the humourous cartoons, Andrew also has a very special gift of adding amusing, poignant examples that remind us that self-improvement/empowerment doesn’t have to be serious business. Many books that have been written in this genre take on a very stern tone that can impart the belief that personal development requires struggle; whereas, Andrew’s demeanor is light-hearted and this makes personal growth more enticing. I believe that by taking powerful, life-changing concepts about the nature of our reality, the power of thought, the need to love ourselves, the importance of feeling in the process of manifestation, how obstacles can actually be gifts etc., Andrew is able to share a mental meal that is a lot more palatable than fire and brimstone.

For those of you that are familiar with the smiling Buddha statue, I think the Buddha is smiling because he knew what Andrew Matthews knows - that the secret of life is to enjoy it and, even when things aren’t as we want them to be, we have a choice in how we react. It’s either that, or the Buddha is smiling because he just read one of Andrew’s books. Serious fun.