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Stop Your Sh*t Shoveling: Why Your Life Is in the Toilet and What You Can Do about It

Stop Your Sh*t Shoveling: Why Your Life Is in the Toilet and What You Can Do about It - Carl A. Hammerschlag This book, “Stop Your Sh*t Shoveling” is perfect proof that you don’t need hundreds of pages of dialogue to make a book useful.At 48 pages in length, Carl Hammerschlag, a world renown psychiatrist and healer, makes his points quickly, directly and, as you have likely guessed from the title of the book, without candy-coating. That being said, Carl also uses substantial does of humor to hammer home his point (pun intended).

For those that might not be familiar with sh*t shovelers, Carl categorizes them into two levels, with level 1 being, “…the people who occasionally spend time complaining about people/situations/behaviours that give them pain and heartache but always manage to put up with it.” Those on level two are those “people who are getting a PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) in shoveling. They’re the folks you know who endlessly tell you, year after year, about their crummy marriage, traumatic childhood, or the tragedy that happened ten years ago, maybe twenty….Chronic Shit Shovelers continue to spread it around, toss it back and forth, but never do the transformational work required to create lasting change in their lives.”

Of course it is ironic that we can usually recognize the shovelers around us, yet, like vampires, a mirror has a tendency to make them vanish. Therefore, if you are having a hard time recognizing a sh*t shoveler, Carl provides a quick and easy 7-point, self-examination to help you determine how big your shovel is.

Of course it isn’t all gloomy, and there is hope for those who are truly tired of shoveling. If you have arrived at a point in life when you realize that the best way to get out of the hole is to stop shoveling then are some ideas that will help you and then you realize that, “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.”

The overall message behind this book is that while we all have challenges in our lives, they are compounded by us holding onto them and dealing with these issues doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process. As Carl so aptly says, it is about, “putting down the shovels and moving away from the piles.” So, if you’re up to your neck in some stinky stuff and it is piling up faster than you can shovel it, maybe it’s not years of therapy you need, but rather a 48 page book written by Carl Hammerschlag.