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Your Greatest Power

Your Greatest Power - J. Martin Kohe, W. Clement Stone While I prefer a larger sized font over the prescription-label-sized-fonts that some books use, and while I appreciate concise discussions more than rambling, verbose texts, this book, “Your Greatest Power,” has barely “enough” to make it onto my “good” list.

Granted, the cover of the book does say, “Thirty minutes reading this inspirational classic….”, so it should come as no surprise that there is not a whole lot of physical ink on the pages; however, calling this book an “Inspirational Classic” is a stretch as far as I’m concerned. Yes, the message it contains is worth reading, worth repeating, and worth applying in your life, so all is not lost; however, at a cost of $12.95 I am inclined to say that people would get more value from many of the other superb books that the Napoleon Hill Foundation offers or from many of the other highly rated, self-help/personal transformation books in this genre.

What message does this book contain that still makes the material worth reading? The message is that we always have the power to choose and it is the choices we make that will determine our degree of happiness and success in life. Basically, the book provides some stories and some insights into the fact that NO MATTER WHAT happens to us outside, we control what happens inside. There is really no discussion on how to control what happens inside; the premise is simply that choice is the key to our life. Choose to be happy, choose to be kind, choose to be grateful etc.

And, after having read this review, you can choose to buy another book, or not.